What is Adolescent/Teen Counselling?

Adolescents may be subjected to trauma that their parents are unaware of. Adolescent therapy is a type of counseling that focuses on the rising difficulties and pressures that adolescents face as they transition from child to adolescent to adult.

Pushing boundaries and challenging parental figures is an important element of growing up as an adolescent. It is critical for a teenager to develop the necessary communication skills to express their needs and to recognize when pushing a boundary is no longer suitable.

TherapyNow allows adolescents to explore their thoughts and perspectives, which are frequently too difficult or embarrassing to speak with classmates or parents for fear of criticism or rejection.

Young people require a secure and private environment in which to be heard and sort out their problems. Having an online therapist gives you access to someone you can trust.

Parental guidance may be a fantastic source of support and aid for parents.

When family members engage teenagers for counseling, they frequently believe that their “words of wisdom” would be enough to get the teen back on track. In some circumstances, they may be correct, but in others, they could not be more incorrect. Teens are at a very vulnerable stage of their development, and it’s a complicated one since they’re dealing with a lot of hormonal and emotional conflicts as they try to figure out who they are. More than imparting “knowledge,” the role of the online therapist is to listen and reflect as an adult would, but then simply provide the guidance that allows them to make their own choices.

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Adolescent Counselling

As they grow into adulthood, adolescents learn social and interpersonal skills as well as emotional intelligence. Certain e motions or behaviors in children might interfere with or completely disrupt their well-being.

Teens may have also been subjected to trauma that their parents are unaware of. Your online Therapist will be able to help you with this in a variety of ways. Bullying, abuse, exposure, emotional unpreparedness, and other variables may all be considered.

Parental Guidance can help parents understand what is appropriate for their children’s age and which is a concern that demands intervention.

Why TherapyNow?

Therapy Now is a secure place for you to share your story and get help moving through a scenario that is negatively affecting you, in a judgement-free environment. Having a personal online therapist can assist you in creating a new perspective and taking appropriate actions. TherapyNow therapists are trained professionals who follow a strong code of ethics.

Using Zoom, Google Meet, or WhatsApp, schedule a private and secure online session with your dedicated personal South African counsellors.

Online Help For Teens

TherapyNow is a network of certified, accredited, and experienced online therapists who can help you and your child with a variety of concerns such as depression and other mental health issues.

Common Teen Issues?

  • Sexual arousal
  • Substance overuse vs. experimental substance
  • Unclear Boundaries
  • Sexual identity and LGBTQI
  • Pregnancy among teenagers
  • Suicide, Self-harm, Depression, Anxiety
  • The influence of others
  • Divorce
  • Siblings
  • Families that aren’t related
  • Future projections

When To Start Worrying?

  • When I quit showering, my personal hygiene entirely vanishes. My room will remain a shambles.
  • I absolutely stop communicating and never leave my room.
  • I’m awake and alert and asleep during the day.
  • I make preparations to take my own life. These are not only hints. Plans.
  • Everything makes me nervous and worried.
  • I have violent outbursts. This isn’t your average annoyance.

Teenagers Words

  • My room is in chaos. Ignore it.
  • I spend most of my time on the internet.
  • On my phone, I have private information.
  • I’m a night owl.
  • Don’t get fed up with me.
  • My music speaks louder than my own words.
  • Everything is felt by me. Fiercely.
  • Everything revolves around my mates and what they think.

How TherapyNow Can Support You

TherapyNow online Therapists are skilled and experienced,

and use a holistic strategy  integrating a range of tools, services, and evidence-based therapies

to specifically assist you in your personal development journey.



  • We carefully listen to your narrative without drawing any conclusions.
  • We pay attention to what you say and don't say. We go through each issue with you as it arises.
  • We help you shift what you want to change.
  • We don't make assumptions; instead, we provide help, direction, and tools.