Why Online Therapy from South Africa?

Taking control of your mental wellbeing means establishing an ongoing alliance with a therapist that can consistently be there to help navigate you through the most difficult times in your life.

Affordable – Favourable UK to SA exchange rate to sustain the full process (£1 = ZAR20.55).

Accessible – From any location and on any device and in similar time zones.

Language – British English is spoken and taught in South Africa.

Experience – Highly qualified and experienced therapists.

Convenient – Maximum 2 hour time zone difference. SA-time is GMT +2.

Therapy works best when it is consistent, accessible, affordable and personalised to you in your life circumstance.

With online therapy and counselling it doesn't actually matter where your therapist is located. All that matters is that you are receiving professional evidence based therapeutic care and guidance that is tailored to you as a person and your individual life circumstances.

You might think it's like a one shot solution, but studies show that most people who resolve their mental issues visit their therapists for 5-10 sessions and meet with them weekly.

Professional therapists can be useful not only for mental health conditions but also as a mediator to help you through many of your life decisions.


Online therapy from South Africa can offer convenience in time zone similarity, natural English speakers that are culturally connected to the UK, easy online payment from pounds into rand.

The exchange rate. Professional theraputic services care in the UK would cost £70 - £180 per 45 minute online session. The same 45 minute session from South Africa will cost between £26 - £73 (ZAR550 - ZAR1500).

Online therapists from South Africa have many years of experience working with depression, anxiety, substance use disorders and life issues such as divorce, trauma, grief or relationship issues.


Online meeting platforms are part of our everyday lives and allow real-time, open communication. All communications between you and your online therapist are end-to-end encrypted, un-recorded and securely between you and your counsellor.

Optimizing every area of your life!

Professional mental health services via any device on any internet connection.


Online meeting platforms are part of our everyday lives and allow real-time, open communication. In teletherapy you can be emotionally vulnerable and yourself with complete security to really understand what is causing so much pain in your life.

With therapy, you are able to safely access emotions that can be more difficult in person, and work toward new avenues of self-healing. South African therapists have qualifications from tertiary educational institutions and often have years of experience in psychotherapy, and are experienced in helping people with life issues and their past trauma.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance misuse/recovery
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief (Trauma, loss, divorce)
  • Relationships: (Couples, Marriages)
  • family (Children, Teens)
  • Sexual (Porn, intimacy disorders, relationships, LGBQT issues)