Training and Development

The UKAN Training and Development Unit was formed in 1995 to address the advocacy training needs of service user controlled mental health advocacy groups and mental health professionals.

UKAN was the first organisation to define the core principles of mental health advocacy in its landmark document 'Advocacy: A Code of Practice' (1994).

UKAN was also the first organisation to develop comprehensive standards for mental health advocacy services.

UKAN has a 12 year track record of providing quality mental health advocacy training and support. It is the only national organisation to provide comprehensive mental health advocacy training.  UKAN training has proved crucial in the development of local mental health advocacy projects throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

UKAN continually updates its training materials to reflect developments in the field of mental health advocacy.

What participants say about UKAN training

“Absolutely brilliant. We were so impressed by the training course that we became UKAN members.”
“It was easy to follow, which is sometimes difficult when dealing with a complex subject such as this.”

“The right mix of information presentation with discussion and group work.”

“Very good. Very interesting to be kept as up to date as possible.”

“An easy atmosphere, very relaxed.”