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Previous editions of The Advocate are available for £2.00 per copy (including post and packaging within the UK only).  To order back issues print and fill in the downloadable order form and return with cheque or postal order made payable to UKAN to: UKAN, c/o 8 Beulah View, Leeds LS6 2LA.

Winter 2009:  A 20-page issue including Peter Beresford, Chair of Shaping Our Lives, on the survivor movement; Mike Bush, mental health lecturer, on the Impact of suicide on others; a report on international networking by Peter Munn; Mad Pride Ireland's John McCarthy  on the normality of madness; photos by Mark Davies; and a tribute to survivor artist Linda Hart.

Spring 2009: A 32-page issue including Peter Linnett's 'Which way to Utopia? Thoughts on "user involvement"; an interview with Una Parker of ECT Anonymous; Andrew Wetherell on advocacy and its role in mental health services; poetry by Peter Campbell and Suzan Arisoy; and Terry Simpson's report on 'A Conversation with Thomas Szasz'.

March 2007: Includes articles by Colin Gell, Jan Wallcraft and Terry Simpson on the origins of UKAN;  Louise Relton, Mary Nettle and Peter Campbell on UKAN and mental health advocacy; Una Parker on UKAN and ECT Anonymous; and a message of support for UKAN from David Oaks.

September 2006:  A larger than usual isssue including articles by Sharon Cullerton and Patrick Wood on user led mental health advocacy; Graham Estop looking back at the On Our Own Terms report; Terry Simpson on UKAN's concerns about the Network Planning Group; a service recipient on their experience of compulsion in the community; Miranda Morland on the service user movement; Shaun McNeil and Chris O'Sullivan on the formation of VOX- Voices Of eXperience (Scotland); Anthony Davis on 'boundaries' in advocacy; Mark Ellerby on recovery; Andrew Voyce on the 73A Art Group; a review of Peter Campbell's 'Brown Linoleum Green Lawns'; and the winning entries in the Poems for Learning competition.

October 2005: Includes articles by Liz Skelton, Peter Campbell and David Oaks on user/survivor organisations accepting money from drug companies; a review of Phil Hutchinson's 'Sick Note from Scapegoat Hill'; and information about the government's response to the report of the Joint Committee on the draft Mental Health Bill.

July 2005: Includes Patrick Wood on his 10 years as UKAN Training and Development Worker; Terry Simpson on members' responses to the discussion document on the future of UKAN;  Jan Wallcraft on social inclusion in mental health; and Eamon Rooney on self-help and empowerment.

February 2005: Includes 'From Advocacy to Empowerment', a discussion document on the future of UKAN; Liz Skelton on UKAN's future direction; and Anne O'Donnell on developments in mental health advocacy in Scotland.

September 2004: Includes articles by Peter Campbell, Sarah Holmes and Cate Short on Independent Mental Health Act Advocacy;  messages of support for UKAN from members, other organisations and individuals;  and Janet Meagher on user involvement.

June 2004: Includes Tom Hore on an advocacy service for people in prison; Elizabeth Winder on what advocates want from an advocacy network; Keith Halsall and Stephen Korsa-Acquah on special hospitals; Carol Jenkin on the need for consultation with Black users/survivors; and Jan Wallcraft on 'On Our Own Terms', a report on the user movement.

UK Advocacy Network is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England number 3796174. Registered office: 14 - 18 West Bar Green, Sheffield, S1 2DA. Registered as a Charity No. 1077676.