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Advocacy:  A Code of Practice (1994)

UKAN/NHS Executive Mental Health Task Force User Group

This landmark publication developed by UKAN as part of the government appointed Mental Health Task Force was the first document to outline principles and good practice in mental health advocacy.  Much of the work on principles and standards since then has repeated or been influenced by its content.

Although currently out of print a photocopied version is available for £3.00 per copy to cover the cost of post and packaging.

Advocacy Today and Tomorrow:  The UKAN Training Tool (2004)

Written by Patrick Wood and Gillian Mullins

ISBN 0-9537303-5-2

This publication, which is the third edition of the UKAN Advocacy Training Pack first launched in 1999, has provided core training for a number of advocacy services throughout the UK.  Its contents are based on the themes that advocacy groups over the years have identified as areas of concern.

Available for £35.00 per copy (including post and packaging).