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To order any of these publications use the downloadable order form and return with cheque or postal order payable to UKAN to: UKAN, 14 - 18 West Bar Green, Sheffield S1 2DA. Please note that all prices include post and packaging (within the UK only).


These two scripts, originally developed through Leeds Survivor Poetry and performed by the legendary Orphans of Beulah, have been filmed for use by the Open University as mental health course materials.

A Quiet Night on Roundhay Wing
Written by Terry Simpson

Jonathan wakes up heavily sedated and knows he must escape from the spell of Roundhay Wing Psychiatric Unit. His attempt to do so involves taking a small band of fellow patients to see the mysterious half-human, half-anilmal creature REMO (the responsible medical officer) through the Land of the Eternal Day Centre to the Mountain of the Magic Bullet Makers and at last to a fateful meeting with their King where things take an unexpected turn! 

Price: £5.00 (or both for £9.00)

An Untimely Death on Paschendale Ward
Written by Terry Simpson

A Mental Health Act Commissioner is due to arrive to investigate a mysterious death on the notorious Paschendale Ward.  Will corrupt ward manager succeed in covering his tracks?  Will the advocate work out what went on?  What are the patients plotting? What is the nurse doing in he cupboard?  And how did President Bush get into it? 

Price: £5.00 (or both for £9.00)

Personal accounts

Book cover showing open doorway

Doorways in the Night: Stories from the threshold of recovery
Edited by Terry Simpson & illustrated by Barbara Kirk (Local Voices Publication 2004)

A collection of stories by people who have survived emotional and mental distress. Dealing with experiences like post-natal depression, bereavement and agoraphobia, this collection gives unique insights into unusual states of mind, how they develop and how people have learned to live with them.

Price: £8.00

Short stories

Book cover showing cogs in a machine

The Mind Machine

Edited by David Beck, Barry Fox and Terry Simpson & illustrated by Barbara Kirk (Local Voices Publications 2006)

An imaginative collection of fiction and poetry from places you wouldn't want to be!

Price: £5.00


Book cover showing worn Anglo-Saxon stone face

Balm of Gilead
Written by Patrick Wood 

Balm of Gilead is a story of the soul's journey through life in the form of a description of an encounter with the hidden or transcendent Sheffield.  

Price: £5.50


Book cover showing memorial plaque High Royds Hospital

Diary of a Schizophrenic
By Angela Hart (LSP Press 2000)

Expanded edition of Angie's acclaimed first collection with illustrations by Paul Boden.

Price: £3.50

Book cover showing drawing of figure injected by syringe

Keep Taking the Tablets:- Or Else!
By Angela Hart (LSP Press 2002)

The pen is mightier than the needle! Angie's second collection with illustrtions by Paul Boden.

Price:  £3.50

Book cover showing drawing of well-known brand labels

Label Objects Not People
By Angela Hart

Angie's latest collection with illustrations by Paul Boden.

Price: £3.50

Book cover showing arm tattoo of comedy and tragedy theatrical face masks

Shut Up and Hear What I've Got To Say
By Jenny Dixon (LSP Press 1998)

Winner of the 1998 Joe Kerrane Memorial Fund competition.  Dedicated to those unnerved by the shipping forecast amongst others.

Price: £4.00

Book cover showing drawing of woman sitting by a door

Embers of A Life
By Susan Watters (Survivors' Press Scotland 1997)

A collection of poems about exile, diaspora, children and much more. With a foreword by Iain Crichton Smith.  

Price: £3.50

Book cover showing pencil drawing of leafless tree and rowing boat

And the World Really Had Changed
Leeds Survivor Poets (LSP Press 1996)

This collection of 99 poems is a treasure house of diverse voices.  This is no delving into misery - it is rather a journey involving joy, pain, passion, irony, angst, belly laughs and more.  Enjoy it!

An audio version is available on a double cassette.

Price: £4.00 (book)  £3.50 (cassette)

Book cover showing simple painting of dark-eyed face

Sweet, Sour and Serious
Survivors' Poetry Scotland (Survivors' Press Scotland 1996)

An illustrated anthology with a foreword by Iain Crichton Smith.

Price: £6.00

Book cover showing collage of lovers in coffin framed by carrots and love-hearts

Love, Sex, Death and Carrots
Interchange Bradford Writer's Network (2000)

Interchange believes that everyone has a right to express themselves creatively through language. This illustrated anthology of poetry and prose represents that belief.

Price: £5.00

Book cover showing pastel drawing of sun over sea and tropical tree

Poems for Central America
By Steve Bindman (LSP Press1998)

This brief collection offers a personal glance into the lives of the people of Central America.  Artwork by Ushawant Kaur.

Price: £2.50


Book cover showing finger pointing at electric socket

SHOCK: The things you need to know before having shock treatment
(ECT Anonymous 2001)

What to do if you are under pressure to have ECT; information on living wills; alternative treatments; and the Mental Health Act.  Includes chapter by (post) psychiatrist Pat Bracken.

Price: £2.00

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