Messages of support for UKAN

"We would like to use the opportunity to express our gratitude for the very existence of UKAN - the only national and service-user led organisation for independent mental health advocacy. You're essential to us and what we do. Your magazine is the most widly read and relevant of any in the field. We don't know how we could have survived without guidance from your publications and resources helping ensure we were staying on track. Your work is essential to ensure some of the most disadvantaged, marginalised and excluded people across the country are afforded the same rights, protections and opportunities that others take for granted. You're also helping to defend the principles of fredom, rights, equality and justic in this country - and we will all reap the benefit of that." Terri Williams, Advocacy Works

"We think UKAN is an organisation vital to the survivor movement. Over the years it has had a major influence in ensuring user/survivor views are included in mental health service planning at a national level. With its wide-ranging membership of survivor and other advocacy groups across the UK it has always been in a key position to accurately represent the views of the user/survivor movement to the government and other parties."  Peter and Louise Relton

"In setting up and developing our project, we have drawn from a wide range of excellent and professional UKAN publications and worked towards the UKAN code of practice ... We have attended UKAN training days, which have been extremely useful for both new and experienced advocates alike, giving workers an opportunity to reflect on their advocacy practice within a supportive environment." Sheffield Mental Health Advocacy Service

"As far as advocacy and UKAN are concerned, life without UKAN would be unthinkable.  Advocates cannot function unless they are able to access information, support and training that is independent.  I cannot think of any advocacy service who doesn't look to UKAN for standards of good practice, and who doesn't use those set by UKAN as a template for exemplary practice." Angela Belben, Bournemouth and Poole Advocacy Services